We know being lost and unsure is not a pretty look, and while we're sure we've covered everything, there's always room for growth. So here we've compiled some regular questions that you may want to ask, but now you don't have to. (Yes we're that good)

Q) When will my item be dispatched?

A) While we state 3-5 business days to send your goodies to you, if it's in the building we'll stop everything in our tracks to get it to you. However, dependent on the season, stock or demand we may occasionally be short of stock and there may be a delay. If that's the case you will be promptly notified.

Q) What happens if my order is not correct or not as I expected?

A) We're grown folk, we'll put our hands up, cover our eyes and apologise. And yes, we'll reimburse your postage to return the item, and we'll see to it that a new item (a correct one this time) is dispatched to you at the quickest available time.

Q: What is your policy on returns?

A: We understand that sometimes an item does not fit, the colour looks different, maybe it's damaged. We are nice people, and as such provided that the item has not been used, damaged or tampered with, we're willing to accept it back into stock but you will need to pay for your own postage. Upon return of your item, a credit value will be credited to your account.

Q: Will my colour exactly match what I see online?

A: Most often yes. However, there may from time to time be differences. This is because monitors display colours using red, green and blue light (RGB), where as the human eye sees billions of colours (we're told). This makes what's on your screen and what the eyes sees, very different.

Q: My garment is faulty, how do I return it?

1: Submit a return form here

2: We will review your request within 24 business hours

3: Package the merchandise to prevent damage, enclosing this completed form. Send the merchandise using registered post or other secure method of delivery, retaining the receipt until you have received credit for your return. Proof of posting is not proof of delivery. 

Please note that the return costs are not pre-paid. Postage or other return costs will be the customer's responsibility and will be reimbursed by us only in the case of damaged, faulty or incorrectly supplied goods. In cases where we do refund return postage, we will only refund the cost of standard Royal Mail registered post. If you choose to use any enhanced return option, such as Special Delivery, this will be at your expense. You must return the goods, together with their packaging, in the same condition as supplied to you. Returns are sent at your risk.     

Q: I am a graphic designer and I have some cracking designs that would look great on your clothing.

A) What are you waiting for? contact us, and if we like it, we'll sign a royalty agreement with you and watch as the masses fall in love with your design.

Q: How does Bank Transfer work?

A: First, Zandoli.co.uk is a secure online website and you can rest assured your data is safe with us. However, we understand that some people simply do not wish to shop online due to security concerns. So we've made it easy for you shop online with us and pay directly into our account.

1) Place your item into your shopping basket as you would normally

2) Complete the necessary customer details, shipping address and shipping

3) Choose "Bank Transfer" as your shipping method and place your order

4) You will receive an order confirmation detailing our bank details, you will arrange payment via online banking or by visiting your bank in person. 

5) Once we've received your payment with your order reference number, your item will be packed and shipped.

Q: How long do I have to Pay via Bank Transfer?

A) We will hold your order for 24 hours and you should make your payment within that time to avoid your item being placed back into general stock. If your item is placed back into general stock, your order will be cancelled.

Q: I have noticed that my garment has a place name?

A) That's correct. We're all about being different. So going forward every garment we make will carry a name of a place around the world. It may not be a well known global city name, but maybe you'll look it up, visit and tell us about it (while wearing our clothing) or maybe you're from that place and you feel super right now.  

Q: I have made several purchases. How do I redeem points?

A) To redeem your much valued reward points, simply log into your account, On the left hand side click on the "Earn Rewards" tab. From there you will see all the points earned, the value of your points and you can convert them into coupon codes for use in your shopping basket. (NB: Shopping as "Guests" do not earn points. Always log-in to your account or create one).