About Us

Straight of the bat, we are a UK based clothing brand.

However, we believe we're more than just "another" clothing brand. We have ethics, we strive for greater quality with each item of clothing, and we go all out to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

We design and manufacture great quality casual & sportswear clothing that customers are proud to wear. We've already acquired a reputation for great quality, as testified by our ratings of "Excellent" (4.5 our of 5 ratings) on Trustpilot. 

We're based in the UK with a deep fondness for the small Caribbean Island of Dominica (Not the Dominican Republic). Hence, we've taken the name from a well-known creature in Dominica known as the Dominican Anole and is locally known as a zandoli, or tree lizard.

We hope you stay a bit, make a purchase or two and we can become great friends. Don't be a stranger.

Thanks for dropping by.