About Us

So you've found us and for that, we're delighted. So much so we've spent the whole day seeing who could do the longest hand stands (I won)

We hope you like what we're doing here at Zandoli.co.uk. Not only have we designed, crafted and raised this beautiful baby girl to provide uber cool fashion at an affordable price.

As patriotic Dominicans (Not the Dominican Republic) we also wanted to grow awareness and the profile image of our beautiful Nature Island.

Granted, we're based in the UK. But we kinda live there so we had to start somewhere right? But imagine if you alone bought like, say, a gazillion hoodies from us, then we can open a factory in Dominica and get that real authentic gear shipped to the masses worldwide. Wouldn't that be cool?

So yes, we've taken the name from a well known creature in Dominica known as the Dominican Anole and is locally known as a zandoli, or tree lizard. The indigenous Caribs (Kalinago) considered its presence in their home to be a sign of "good spirits". ... Because of its morphological variation, however, confusion remained as to whether the Dominican Anole comprised multiple species or only one.

What is for sure, is that our designs comprise multiple variations, styles and sizes with the need to ensure that as many of you can appreciate, wear and promote who we are and what we stand for. 

We hope you stay a bit, take your socks off, make yourself comfortable, make a purchase or two and we can become great friends. Don't be a stranger.


Thanks for dropping by.