Affiliates FAQ's

Affiliate Scheme Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1: Why is my Commission rate different to others or as advertised?

A: We have different Affiliate categories which attract different commissions based on a range of factors, which we will published soon.

Q2: Can I request a change in commission tier?

A: Yes. If you believe your social media reach deserves a greater commission rate, then we would be more than happy to look at raising your commission level.

Q3: How do I send my referral link to my contacts?

A: On your dashboard just press copy under your link, then select the social media icon you wish to use. If selecting WhatsApp, you will need to select WhatsApp Web on your mobile.

Q4: How do I send my Coupon Code to my contacts?

A: On your dashboard, select copy next to your Coupon code.

Q5: Is there a script that I can use to send my referral link or coupon code?

A: We do not, with good reason. Rather than a generic one-size-fits-all script, how you interact with your each of your contacts will differ and so its best that you construct a script in your own style.

Q6: How do I send my referral link to a particular product?

A: On your dashboard select Marketing tools, / At the bottom of the product image, click on the product link (this will auto copy) / Paste the link at the top of the page where instructed / you will now see your generated link / Select the social media icons you wish to use.

Q7: What is your Payout threshold & Frequency?

A: We have a low £15 minimum payout threshold, and we make payments monthly.

Q8: How do I get paid?

A: Make sure to enter your PayPal or bank details. Until you provide this, we are unable to pay you. (Commissions will be held for you until then)

Q9: Why didn’t I receive a Coupon Code?

A: Depending on your affiliate category, you may not be entitled to coupon codes.

Q10: Why is my coupon code lower in value than others?

A: Some affiliates may have higher commission rates and a lower coupon discount value.

Q11: What do you mean by 90 Day Cookie?

A: Not all customers buy instantly. Some may return one, two or three months later. To maximise your commission and to ensure you are correctly rewarded for that sale, cookies first stored from new visitors will be kept for 90 days. These cookies will recognise returning visitors and correctly associate their purchase with you.

Q12: I can only receive commission if people use my referral link?

A: No. The first time a visitor is referred using your link, a cookie will associate them with you ensuring that you will receive commission every time that customer buys from us.

Q13: How many times can my coupon code be used?

A: Coupon codes can only be used once per customer, and valid for the whole order.

Q14: I have been given a Personal Coupon Code, can I share it?

A: No. This is a personal one-time use only coupon code exclusively for you to enjoy.

Q15: Do I still get commission for sale items?

A: Yes. The system will automatically calculate your percentage after discount

Q16: My Commission does not reflect the overall sales & shipping totals?

A: Commission is calculated after shipping, Tax, VAT and any sale discounts

Q17: I bought an item for myself using my referral link, but did not get any commission?

A: We do not pay commission to affiliates using their own referral links.

Q18: Can I change my affiliation link?

A: Yes. On your dashboard, go to settings, scroll down to affiliate code, change to what you like and save.

Q19: Do you have any marketing material that I can share?      

A: Yes, we have added some for you to get started, and we will be adding more.

Q20: Do you allow Multi-Level Marketing?

A: Currently, no. But we can and will look to do so in due course.